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2016 is the year of the gear ...

Dec. 05


by eXtrivator

New VST Monster and "long available" FX from u-he ...

Just arrived on my VST Folder: u-he REPRO-1 and Presswerk.


Bothe sounds very "analogue". The synth is actual in beta but the sounds, fx and visuals are great. The integrated sequencer is fun!





Oct. 22


by eXtrivator

Make Noise 0-Coast Monosynth

New Gear in the studio: This incredible Synthmodul is my Synth of the year  2016.

Very cool and modern sounds. It works without a classic filter but sounds  very analog! Images and first track are is coming soon.


Dec. 05


by eXtrivator

Roland TB-03  ...

New Gear in the studio: Roland TB-03. Cool after the first firmware update. It sounds great (better than the TB-3) and has a great build quality. Copy and random functions are added with new firmware. Also it is possible to make patterns with 64 steps (hint: hold up to 4 pattern buttons at the same time ...)

SEP. 18


by eXtrivator

Elektron RYTM Live Track

Live recorded directly to Ableton Live using Analog RYTM,  Roland TB-3 and Roland MX-1.


Download free MP3

(VBR, High Quality, for private use only)

Listen on Soundcloud.com

AUG. 16


by eXtrivator

Analog Gear: Elektron RYTM

New Gear in the Studio: My first analog machine - an Elektron Analog RYTM - is now under my fingers. Still learning - but the sound and my first results are great.

Studio Equipment



<mostly used>

  • Elektron Analog RYTM
  • Roland Torcido
  • Roland Demora
  • Roland TB-3 - 303 Touch Bass Line Synth
  • Roland TR-8 - Drum Machine
  • Roland MX-1 - Performance Mixer
  • Roland System 1 - Synth

  • KRK RP5 Rokit
  • AKG K182
  • Ableton Live
  • NI Maschine
  • Softube Heartbeat
  • The Legend (new)
  • ABL 3
  • Spire
  • Serum

  • Fabfilter Pro-C2
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q2
  • FabFilter Pro-L


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