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by eXtrivator


This it is! A very compact, easy to use drum machine - or better say groovebox.  Perfect for integrating with Roland SH-01A and/or Roland TB-03. IMO also  integrates perfect  with my Analog RYTM.



Nov. 27


by eXtrivator


semi  professional sound design and sound production

Dez. 21


New Gear in The Studio: Roland SH-01a (Boutique)

First Impression: Great looking, great sound. For me the best Roland Boutique synth yet.


Photo(s): (c)extrivate

Track 1: Centurion (Live Jam)

made with KORK monologue, Elektron RYTM, Roland MX-1 and Roland tb-03

Track 2: Crypton (Live Jam)

made with KORK monologue, Elektron RYTM, Roland MX-1 and Roland tb-03

Dec. 05


by eXtrivator

Roland TB-03  ...

New Gear in the studio: Roland TB-03. Cool after the first firmware update. It sounds great (better than the TB-3) and has a great build quality. Copy and random functions are added with new firmware. Also it is possible to make patterns with 64 steps (hint: hold up to 4 pattern buttons at the same time ...)

Photo(s): (c)extrivate

by eXtrivator

Analog Gear: Elektron RYTM

New Gear in the Studio: My first analog machine - an Elektron Analog RYTM - is now under my fingers. Still learning - but the sound and my first results are great.

Photo: ©extrivate

SEP. 18


by eXtrivator

Elektron RYTM Live Track

Live recorded directly to Ableton Live using Analog RYTM,  Roland TB-3 and Roland MX-1.


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AUG. 16


Studio Equipment



  • Elektron Analog RYTM
  • Roland SH-01a
  • Roland TB-03 - Bass Line Synth

  • KRK RP5 Rokit
  • AKG K712 Headphone
  • TASCAM Recorder



Software & Plugins


  • Bitwig Studio 2.x
  • NI Maschine Mk3
  • Softube Heartbeat
  • The Legend (new)
  • ABL 3
  • Spire

  • Fabfilter Pro-C2
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q2
  • FabFilter Pro-L

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